About us

Who we are

Siltet Business Pvt. Ltd. Co. was established to fill the technology and demand gap in the online marketing business in Ethiopia, founded in January 01, 2017. Siltet has developed extensible and flexible system with a domain name of medeb.com to meet the ever changing online business requirement from the end user and to adapt new technologies to make sure that our customers will be ahead in all best user experience.

Why you will like medeb is because we understand the evolving need of the customer and we adopt new approaches of the industry and introduce unique features/services tailored to our customers to make sure your experience is improved all the time. The basic objectives will be met to save time, save money, keep up with the good quality of your life but medeb is beyond this. Shop for your primary and secondary needs here ranging from gift items like jewelry, leather products, local handmade items to kitchenware and vegetable items.   

We have introduced shop for me and wholesale services via a direct communication channel on medeb to handle imported items and export items respectively. Medeb has setup a team of SCM and account managers to provide you a professional advice so that you will get the best value of your investment.       

It is said that “time is money” that means if we can save you time then we are saving your money as well, that is why we have added to your benefit a facilitators and delivering team optionally in reasonable price. Our delivery team will make sure that the goods are delivered to you safely and timely by coordinating both in-house transportation solution and third party delivery companies located in major city of the country. The service will be piloted to gather first hand feedback to consider the required changes when the business scaled up.

While we strive to satisfy and exceed your demand we make sure that we are growing and transforming ourselves based on the feedback from you, our customers who are the reason for our existence. So please don’t question yourself to let us know anything you feel to be changed or considered. Don’t forget that medeb.com is your property since you have the permission to use it anytime from anywhere.

Improving shopping experience!

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